Technical data

Key Technologies Master core technologies:

►Fluorescence energy transfer labeling technology: Fluorescence energy transfer labeling technology has higher fluorescence intensity and better balance between colors.

►Unique freeze-drying technology with independent intellectual property rights: dual versions of liquid/lyophilized kits are dual-certified, which facilitates the transportation and storage of this type of kits at room temperature, greatly reducing cold chain transportation and storage costs, and the reagents are pre-packaged and freeze-dried. Greatly convenient for customers to use.

►Molecular direct amplification (Direct PCR) technology: Nucleic acid extraction-free, PCR direct amplification technology saves time, effort and cost.

►Multiple fluorescence composite amplification technology: eight-color fluorescence review amplification technology, a single tube can amplify 50+ STR sites or 70+ SNP sites at one time, leading the world.

►Multi-site analysis and detection technology: A single tube can detect nearly 50+ STR sites or 70+ SNP sites at one time, and can detect up to 22+ viruses at one time.

►Convenient ultra-trace biological sample extraction and separation technology: Use a pipette with a multi-functional tip to perform micro, ultra-trace and large-volume filtration/extraction of target products such as Oligo/genomic DNA/plasmids/PCR products/polypeptides/proteins/antibodies/ Desalting/purification/concentration.

►Disposable tip loading technology: 2ul-1ml, CV<2%; patented technology to achieve precise detection and alarm of bubbles, blood clots, liquid level, air tightness, tip clogging, etc.

►Needle dispensing system: 5ul-10ml, CV<5%, no cross-contamination, with automatic flushing function.

►Micro and ultra-micro powder distribution technology: Using unique powder distribution technology, the distribution range is from 15ug-10g, and the error range is ±5%.

►Unique sintering process: Functional materials are premixed with PE and undergo a unique sintering process to produce multi-functional, multi-purpose and multi-specification functional filter elements/sieve plates/filter discs for life science and biomedical research.

►Leading sintering technology: The smallest sintered filter element has a diameter of 0.25mm and a thickness of 0.5mm, which is “the best in the world”.

►Automation technology for industrialization of life sciences and biomedicine: The introduction of automated instruments and equipment into the fields of life sciences and biomedicine frees a large number of highly educated people from arduous and repetitive work, allowing them to devote most of their energy to endless tasks. Go to endless research and development for more thinking and research.