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Shenzhen BM Life Science, automation equipment, take the market as the guidance, cater to the demand in the field of life science, biological medicine industry, is committed to all kinds of automation equipment research and development in line with market demand, help customers improve production technology, improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase enterprise management enterprise core competitiveness, accelerate the industrialization of the industry, and promote the development of the industry!

Automatic labelling machine

It is a fully automatic labeling machine specially designed for enterprises in the field of life science. It belongs to non-standard custom equipment, which is suitable for 1.5ml centrifuge tubes and 2ml flexible pipe labels.

The automatic injection of sample splitter is labeled with the label

The device is designed for life science in vitro diagnostic reagents manufacturing enterprises tailored a fully automatic sample (powder), liquid, marking, labeling, screw cap, printing, all-in-one, belong to the non-standard customized equipment, suitable for separated type 2 ml tube cover can add sample (powder) of the stand pipe, fluid, labeling, cover, and plate.

Filter cartridge head/extraction column / 96-hole automatic loading machine

It is a fully automatic non-standard equipment specially designed for the production of cartridge head, SPE column and various 96 orifice plate, which is used to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Semi-automatic column machine for centrifugal column

t is a semi-automatic equipment designed for the batch loading of centrifugal column for 2ml nucleic acid. It is used to improve the loading efficiency and product batch stability.

Automatic/semi-automatic liquid transfer device gun head arrangement box machine

It is a fully automatic/semi-automatic equipment designed for the bulk assembly of the pipe-head bulk assembly, which is used to improve the efficiency and quality of the box and avoid pollution.

Public security criminal investigation automatic FTA card/blood filter paper perforating plate machine

Is designed for the public security forensic field design and development of a fully automatic/semi-automatic FTA card/blood filter plate punching equipment, can be used in the FTA card/blood filter paper, and some of the difficult and dangerous for examination of quantitative punch, sampling, and automatically fills in the PCR to 96 hole board, without human intervention, to avoid pollution and improve the efficiency of punch, for large-scale screening and criminal detection, DNA for library provides great convenience.

12/24/48/96/384 solid phase extraction equipment

It is a high flux extraction, separation, purification and enrichment purpose product of form a complete set of equipment, mainly used in biological samples, sample food testing, chemical analysis, sample pretreatment, extraction, separation, desalination and concentration), etc.

Full automatic SPE/QuEChERS powder packing spray machine

Is designed for chemical analysis, food, environmental, clinical testing and design of an automatic/semi-automatic powder integration of distribution, filling, packaging, printing equipment, used to improve the SPE column/QuEChERS filled packaging printing efficiency and quality, avoid cross contamination.

BM Life Science,provide:

Semi-automatic SPE columns packing equipment customization;

Automatic SPE column packing equipment customization;

Automatic QuEChERS powder dispensing packaging equipment customization;

Personalized customization of SPE related supporting products;

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SPE overall solution collaborative development.

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