R&D team
Professional R&D team:
►In life science, biology, medicine, instruments and equipment, automation technology, machinery and electronics, hardware, software, optical flow, modelling design has domestic r&d talents and rich experience in research and development.With more than 10 r&d personnel, the project is experienced.

Experience in industry 
Rich experience in industry background:
►In the field of life science, Our biological macromolecular synthesis (DNA&RNA, Gene, Peptide, Antibody), nucleic acid extraction, Gene sequencing, molecular diagnosis, immune diagnosis, personalized therapy and drug use;Microbial culture, biological fermentation, drug synthesis and drug screening in biological medicine;We have many years of experience in the field of automation equipment, such as man-machine system, photoelectric tracking, design and development, etc., and have many mature products to market.

The key technology
Mastering key technologies:
Multiple fluorescence composite amplification techniques: single tube amplification of 27 STR sites or 50 SNP sites.
Multi-site analysis and detection techniques: single tube detection of nearly 30 STR sites, nearly 50 SNP sites, capable of detecting as many as 22 viruses at a time.
Convenient type ultramicro biological sample extraction and separation technology: using liquid move with multi-function spear to Oligo/genomic DNA plasmid PCR products/peptide/protein/antibodies to target product trace, ultramicro and a large number of filter/extraction/desalting/purification enrichmen
One-time suction head and sample technology: 2ul-1ml,CV< 2%;Application for patent technology, to the bubble, blood clots, liquid level, air tightness, suction head congestion to realize the precision detection and alarm.
Needle – type system: 5ul- 10ml, CV< 5%, no cross contamination, automatic flushing function.
Microscope-powder distribution technology: unique powder distribution technology was used to allocate a range of 15ug-10g with a margin of error of± 5%.
Unique sintering process, functional materials and PE blends, and after special sintering process, producing multi-functional multi-purpose more specifications of the filter sieve plate/filter function, used in life science and biomedical research.
Leading sintering technology: the minimum filter core of sintering is 0.35mm in diameter and 0.5mm in thickness, which is the “most in the world”.
Life science and biological medicine industrial automation technology:  automation instrument equipment is introduced into the field of life science and biological medicine, will be a large number of highly educated from heavy repetitive work, let them most of the energy into the endless r&d, for more thinking and research.

Received the honor
Invention patents

★ An innovative CPG Frits for microDNA synthesis with 96 well plate,Notification No.:CN107488580A

★ A trace 384 well plate for DNA synthesis and purification,Notification No.:CN107446802A

★ A pillar tube gas resistance measuring instrument,Notification No.:CN107703042A

★ A kind of filter core screen filter plate automatic high-speed punching machine,

Notification No.:CN107486887A

★ A preparation method of SPE functional sieve plate and a baffle-free SPE cartridge / plate,

Application No.: 201910120682.2

★ A preparation method and application of a monolithic cartridge / plate based on a PE sieve plate coupling chemical group,Application No.:201910400132.6

★ A synchronous detection method Kit for 23 respiratory pathogens and detection method,

Application No.:201910453156.8.

Utility model patents

★ A small column for DNA synthesis,Patent No.:ZL201621101624.3

★ An innovative CPG Frits for microDNA synthesis with 96 well plate,,Patent No.:ZL201721241624.8

★ A micro - multifunctional 384 well plate for synthesis /extraction & filtering,Patent No.:ZL201621252187.5

★ A semi-automatic dry moisture resistance measuring instrument,Patent No.:ZL201721241621.4

★ A automatic gas resistance measuring instrument,Patent No.:ZL201721241625.2

★ An innovative Tip SPE,Patent No.:ZL201721241610.6

★ A handheld punch,Patent No.:ZL201721240899.X

★ A kind of filter core screen filter plate automatic high-speed punching machine,Patent No.:ZL201721240977.6

►►►In the field of life sciences and biological medicine, the high school students have created one and another miracle in the world through the brains of wisdom and the hands of hard work. However, China’s life science and biomedical fields are not highly automated, In the lab, a lot of Master and doctor, still in the spear head, wash the plate, pick the clone, do the transformation;In the company, a lot of colleges, undergraduate students were doing the cycle, the same repetitive work of simplicity, real pure handmade, let them put down the “live” in the hands of a, the limited channel your energy into something more meaningful, more thinking, innovation, this is the first of the mai life science have to do a meaningful thing!