Reagent Bottles


Product Parameter

Product Category:Plastic reagent bottles



Function:Storage of target reagents&sample solutions

Purpose:Preservation of Compound Samples and Chemical Reagents in Biology, Chemical Industry, Food, Medicine, Clinical Diagnosis Industry and Scientific Research Laboratory

Color: clear, white, color, brown



Packaging Material: Aluminum foil bag&Self-sealing bag(optional)

Box: Neutral Label Box or BM Life Science Box(optional)

Printing LOGO:OK

Mode of supply:OEM/ODM


Description of products

BM life science reagent bottles,using medical-grade polypropylene injection molding, and after a number of scientific research institutions evaluated, the quality is trustworthy; 100,000 clean workshop production, standardized production process, complete ERP management, product quality can be traced back; The company’s products are customized to customers, so that customers enjoy a higher quality one-stop service.


BM life science is committed to the development of innovative solutions for biological sample preprocessing. Provide innovative solutions and one-stop services for sample preprocessing in the life sciences and biomedical fields, including supporting instruments, reagents and consumables.

BM life science provides various specifications of hydrophilic or hydrophobic frits/filters/membranes and supporting columns&plates,Including a variety of ultra-pure SPE filters, functional filters, tip filters, water-enclosed closed filters,syringe filters, sample vials and related supporting tools.


Product characteristics

Relying on the unique advantages of the digital injection molding industry in the Pearl River Delta, resource integration and efficient use, doubling the injection molding production capacity, halving the injection cost of open molding, and greatly improving product quality;

Medical grade polypropylene injection molding, clean raw materials, production and packaging will not introduce exogenous pollution, no background interference;

Products complete, 8/15/30/60/125/250/500/1000 ml wide mouth reagent bottles;

Unique thread design to ensure sealing consistency;

Super pure: Imported medical grade polypropylene injection molding, raw material pure, without exogenous pollutants;

Super Clean: 100,000 clean workshop production, production process does not introduce exogenous pollutants;

Reliable product quality, stable batch, small difference between batches;

★Sterile without enzyme and no heat source: according to the customer’s different needs, it can provide aseptic without enzyme without heat source products;
OEM/ODM: This product accepts customers, guest label printing and personalized customization.

Order Information

No.    Name         Material      Colour       Specification     Pcs/pk      Cat.No

1  Wide-Mouth Bottle    PP     Transparent        8ml        150ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311001

2  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP         Transparent             15ml    120ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311002

3  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP       Transparent             30ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311003

4  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP       Transparent          60ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311004

5  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP       Transparent              125ml    50ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311005

6  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP       Transparent              250ml    25ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311006

7  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP       Transparent              500ml    12ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311007

8  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP       Transparent             1000ml         50ea/box         BM0311008

9  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            White              8ml    150ea/bag,bag/box     BM0311009

10  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            White              15ml    120ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311010

11  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            White               30ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311011

12  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            White              60ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311012

13  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            White              125ml    50ea/bag,10bag/box     BM0311013

14  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            White              250ml    25ea/bag,10bag/box     BM0311014

15  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            White              500ml    12ea/bag,10bag/box     BM0311015

16  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            White               1000ml         50ea/box        BM0311016

17  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            Brown            8ml    150ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311017

18  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            Brown            15ml    120ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311018

19  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            Brown            30ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311019

20  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            Brown            60ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311020

21  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            Brown            125ml    50ea/bag,10bag/box     BM0311021

22  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            Brown            250ml    25ea/bag,10bag/box     BM0311022

23  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            Brown            500ml    12ea/bag,10bag/box     BM0311023

24  Wide-Mouth Bottle      PP            Brown            1000ml         50ea/box         BM0311024

25  Wide-Mouth Bottle   HDPE        Natural color            8ml    150ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311025

26  Wide-Mouth Bottle   HDPE        Natural color            15ml    120ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311026

27  Wide-Mouth Bottle   HDPE        Natural color            30ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311027

28  Wide-Mouth Bottle   HDPE        Natural color            60ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311028

29  Wide-Mouth Bottle   HDPE        Natural color            125ml    50ea/bag,10bag/box     BM0311029

30  Wide-Mouth Bottle   HDPE        Natural color            250ml    25ea/bag,10bag/box   BM0311030

31  Wide-Mouth Bottle   HDPE        Natural color            500ml    12ea/bag,10bag/box    BM0311031

32  Narrow Bottle       HDPE        Natural color            1000ml    50ea/box             BM0311032

33  Wide-Mouth Bottle       HDPE          Brown            8ml    150ea/bag,10bag/box   BM0311033

34  Wide-Mouth Bottle       HDPE          Brown            15ml    120ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311034

35  Wide-Mouth Bottle       HDPE          Brown            30ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311035

36  Wide-Mouth Bottle       HDPE          Brown            60ml    100ea/bag,10bag/box BM0311036

37  Wide-Mouth Bottle       HDPE          Brown            125ml    50ea/bag,10bag/box     BM0311037

38  Wide-Mouth Bottle       HDPE          Brown            250ml    25ea/bag,10bag/box   BM0311038

39  Wide-Mouth Bottle       HDPE          Brown            500ml    12ea/bag,10bag/box     BM0311039

40  Wide-Mouth Bottle       HDPE          Brown            1000ml         50ea/box        BM0311040


Custom               personalized customization

More specifications or personalized customizations, welcome all new and old customers to inquire, discuss cooperation, seek common development!