Plastic Filters


Product Parameter

Product Category: Reagent filtration


Filters parameter:1/41/81/16 OD,1umPore Size80umOptional

Function: Separation and filtration of organic solvents, inorganic reagents and solution solids

Uses: Matching various types of DNA synthesizer, peptide synthesizer, solid phase extractor, HPLC and other instruments that require reagents, mainly used for the filtration of instrumental reagents to prevent small powder particles from blocking the instrument. Reagent line, Damage to equipment or unserviceability

Specification:1/41/81/16 OD

Packaging:100ea /bag, 1000ea/box

Packaging Material: Aluminum foil bag&Self-sealing bag(optional)

Box: Neutral Label Box or BM Life Science Box(optional)

Printing LOGO:OK

Mode of supply:OEM/ODM

Description of products

BM life science , UHMWPE reagent filters is made of ultra-pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sintering, a variety of models are available. The series of products, after the authoritative agency evaluation, the quality is trustworthy; 100,000 clean workshop production, standardized production process, complete ERP management, product quality can be traced back; Diversify product specifications to meet customers ‘different needs; All the products of the company are customized to customers, so that customers enjoy a higher quality one-stop service.

Among them, the DNA synthesizer uses 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 reagent filters, which is a reagent filter product with a certain aperture that is sintered by importing ultra-pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder. The small particles in the solvent can be filtered to avoid the small particles in the reagent entering the expensive instrument and equipment, causing damage to the equipment and protecting the instrument and equipment.

BM Life Science is committed to the development of innovative solutions for biological sample preprocessing. Provide innovative solutions and one-stop services for sample preprocessing in the life sciences and biomedical fields, including supporting instruments, reagents and consumables.
Various specifications frits/filters including hydrophilic/hydrophobic and supporting columns are available. Including a variety of ultra-pure SPE frits, functional filters, tip filters, water-enclosed closed filters, heterotype filters, syringe filters, sample vials and related supporting tools.

Product characteristics

★Super pure:Clean raw materials, no impurity and external pollution in production and packaging;

Super convenient:Plug-and-play;

★Controlled aperture:Filters aperture range 1-100um (optional);

★Good value for money:Quality of imports, domestic prices;
★ Product diversification:1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and other inner diameter specifications, and acceptance of customer customization;
★Product quality is reliable, batch is stable, batch difference is small,  good value for money.
★OEM/ODM: This product accepts customers, guest label printing and personalized customization.

No  Specification  Describe        Pcs/pk     Use        Cat.No

1  1/16 Filters   1/16 OD Tube10um 100   Reagent filtration   DS1/16 OD

2  1/8 Filters     1/8 OD Tube10um 100   Reagent filtration   DS1/8 OD

3  1/4 Filters     1/4 OD Tube10um 100   Reagent filtration   DS1/4 OD

With the accumulation of many years of technology and experience in the field of DNA synthesis, Baimai Life Science has made it inevitable to develop equipment and reagent consumables for DNA synthesis. From the world’s leading microsynthetic vectors such as 0.5-10 nmol, to 96/384 orifice carriers, to synthetic reagent filtration products and their supporting automated equipment and equipment, once the products are launched, they are favored by a large number of gene synthesis companies at home and abroad. It is widely used in the field of gene synthesis in vitro and its supporting fields.

More specifications or personalized customizations, welcome all new and old customers to inquire, discuss cooperation, seek common development!