” One-time use sampler ” sample collection and sampling tool!

Product features

 Imported raw materials, unique breakable design of ABS plastic rod and after special optimization, the head can be sprayed with nylon fiber;

★ The flocked nylon fibers are uniformly and vertically attached to the surface of the swab head, which can maximize the sampling efficiency of the sampling swab;

★ Flocking swabs have obvious advantages in nasopharyngeal sampling, microbial sampling, especially in the collection of viruses and DNA;

★ Clean room production in all links, assembly line operation, optical robot quality inspection, ERP management, ultra-pure products, no DNase/RNase, no PCR inhibitors, no heat source;

 The single-use sampler is composed of a swab rod, a swab sampling head and an outer package. The set is composed of a sampler and a preservation solution;

 Wide range of applications: It is suitable for the collection of samples from nasopharyngeal, oral cavity, throat and forensic medicine, virus, DNA and other samples, accepting personalized customization and function development!



Operational Process


Order Information

Cat.No Name Description Package Pcs/pk
SCSO001 Specimen Collection Swab-Oral ABS+Flocking,L150mm,Break Point 30mm,Φ4.0-6.0mm20mm Individual 1000 pcs/bag
SCSG001 Specimen Collection Swab-Gula ABS+Flocking,L150mm,Break Point 30mm,Φ4.0-6.0mm20mm Individual 1000 pcs/bag
SCSG002 Specimen Collection Swab-Gula ABS+Flocking,L150mm,Break Point 80mm,Φ4.0-6.0mm20mm Individual 1000 pcs/bag
SCSN001 Specimen Collection Swab-Nose ABS+Flocking,L150mm,Break Point 80mm,Φ1.0mm20mm Individual 1000 pcs/bag
SCSN002 Specimen Collection Swab-Nose ABS+Flocking,L150mm,Break Point 100mm,Φ1.0mm20mm Individual 1000 pcs/bag
SCS*00* Specimen Collection Swab-Nose ABS+Flocking,L*mm,Break Point *mm,Φ*mm*mm Individual 1000 pcs/bag