Multi-Tube Vortexer

Product Parameter

Product Category: Multi-Tube Vortexer

Function: Mixing of samples during compound solid phase extraction,target sample filtration,adsorption,separation,extraction,purification,concentration,nucleic acid extraction,separation and purification.

Channel No.:15-50 columns

Mixing Method: Rotate Mixing

Specification: Suitable for 2ml, 15ml, 50ml nucleic acid extraction columns or other reagent bottles

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Mode of supply:OEM/ODM

Description of products

Multi-Tube Vortexer is a multi-tube vortex mixing device developed by BMi Life Science for sample pretreatment field. It can be used to mix up to 50 samples at the same time. It can be selected with a variety of accessories, to meet the needs of different specifications of test tube vortex mixing.

Product characteristics

Non-standard customization: can be customized according to customer requirements, elaborate.

★ Variable specifications: can handle the mixing of 2-50ml specifications of centrifugal tubes or reagent bottle samples.

Various functions: with 12mm foam test tube frame, tray pad; Up to 50 samples at the same time, compatible with 15 and 50 ml centrifuge tubes;

Precision control: PLC precision control, LCD display mixing speed and time;

Microprocessor control: simple operating panel, microprocessor precise control of mixing time and speed;

Mixing high efficiency: up to 2500 rpm, mixing effect is very good;

The machine is made of stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy. The surface is coated. The entire machine is suitable for ultraviolet and alcohol sterilization treatment. The treated equipment can be used in the clean room and ultra-clean work table. The pollution source is small and can meet the related environmental requirements of the biological industry.

Order information

Multi-Tube VortexerAC100~240V, 1.5ASponge tube rack*1tray pads*2Optional accessories

Model        Describe                      Number of holes Size Specificationsmm

D1   Φ10mm  Foam test tube rack                 50        245×132×45

D2   Φ12mm  Foam test tube rack                 50        245×132×45

D3     Φ13mm  Foam test tube rack                  50        245×132×45

D4     Φ16mm  Foam test tube rack(15mlCentrifugal tube) 50        245×132×45

D5     Φ25mm  Foam test tube rack                 15        245×132×45

D6     Φ29mm  Foam test tube rack(50mlCentrifugal tube) 15        245×132×45

D7        Replacement tray pad(Upper&down)         /        305×178.5×25

Other Multi-Tube Vortexers accept customer customization.

This series of products accept customer personalized customization, welcome all new and old customers to inquire, discuss cooperation, seek common development!