Instrument For Nucleic Acid Extraction Columns& Plates

Instrument For Nucleic Acid Extraction Columns& Plates

The series is divided into three categories:

1、Negative pressure filtration(Vacuum Manifold) For Nucleic Acid Extraction Columns&Plates

2Automation Instrument For Nucleic Acid Extraction Columns&plates

1Negative pressure filtration(Vacuum Manifold) For Nucleic Acid Extraction Columns&Plate

Product Parameter

Product Category: Solid Phase Extraction Instrument,Vacuum Manifold

Function:Compound solid phase extraction, target sample filtration, adsorption, separation, extraction, purification and concentration

Purpose:It works well with multi-well plates, enabling filtration and extraction at the same time, and can be used in nucleic acid purification, solid phase extraction, protein precipitation.

Channel No.: 12-24-48-96 cartridges, 96&384 well plates

Extraction method: Negative pressure

Specification: Applicable to 2ml,15ml, 50ml, 300ml nucleic acid extraction columns, 24&96 &384 well plates or other specifications

Printing LOGO:OK

Mode of supply:OEM/ODM


Description of products

The instrument is a nucleic acid extractor designed and developed for research institutes and biological companies in the field of life sciences. It is suitable for centrifugal columns with Ruhr interfaces,nucleic acid extraction columns, and24/ 96/384 well filter plates with skirts.

The instrument is designed and developed for scientific research institutes and biological companies in the fields of life sciences, chemical analysis, food safety inspection.It is suitable for nucleic acid extraction columns& 24/96/384 well filtration and collection plates.

The instrument is a high-throughput supporting equipment for the extraction and separation of biological samples. It is mainly used for the desalination and concentration of primers, nucleic acid, plasmid, and DNA extraction and separation, protein, polypeptide desalination, and concentration. Extraction of harmful substances from food test samples, pretreatment of chemical analysis samples, etc.. Working principle: vacuum pump is used to produce negative pressure on the extraction equipment, which causes the reagent to complete the process of pre-treatment of the entire biological sample by extracting the columns&plates.


The instrument is simple to operate and can handle 24/96/384 samples at the same time with 24/96/384 well filter plates and deep well plates. It serves the purpose of separation, extraction, concentration, desalination, purification, and recovery of solid liquid from 24/96/384 samples.


Product characteristics

★Non-standard customization: It can be tailored and crafted according to customer requirements.

★Various specifications: supporting two types of cover plates, suitable for the use of 24/96/384 well filtering and collection plates of most specifications on the market.

★Various functions: Plate nucleic acid extractors can not only satisfy the use of 24/96/384 well filtration and collection plates, but also satisfy the use of different specifications and quantities of columns.

★High value for money: Columns&24/96/384 well filtration and collection plates for our own research and development, injection molding production, the use of matching consumables will make the cost of customers lower.

★The machine is made of stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy. The box phosphates and multi-layer epoxy resin is sprayed. The entire machine is suitable for ultraviolet and alcohol sterilization treatment. The treated equipment can be used in the clean room and ultra-clean work table, and the pollution source is small. Capable of meeting relevant environmental requirements in the biological industry.


Order information

12/24 Vacuum Manifold

96/384 Vacuum Manifold

Compatible Type Vacuum ManifoldSuitable for nucleic acid columns&plates

OtherVacuum Manifolds accept customer customization.

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2Instrument For Nucleic Acid Extraction Columns&Plates