Injection&Labelling For Frozen Pipes

Injection&Labelling For Frozen Pipes

Product Parameter

Product Category: Automatic Instrument for Frozen Pipes to Injection&Labelling

Function: : Injection&Labelling for 2ml erectable tube & frozen pipes

Channel number: 1-4 channel separatorOptional

Method of feeding: vibrator or ladder

Specification:1.5ml Centrifugal, 2ml erectable tube, 15ml Centrifugal, 50ml Centrifugal, one or more of the various reagent bottles for liquid separation, sampling, real-time marking, labelling, cover, pipe cover spray code and pendulum

Printing LOGO:OK

Mode of supply:OEM/ODM

Description of products

The instrument is a fully automatic sampling,injection,printing label,labelling,rotating covers, and arrangement integration machine specially designed for the production of in vitro diagnostic reagents in the field of life science. It is a non-standard custom equipment. Suitable for 2 ml tube cover separation type of standable tube splicing,injection, labelling, covering and pallet.

The biggest bright points of this instrument is the equivalent of a reagent assembly line in the IVD industry(separation, labelling, labelling, packaging, etc. of reagents such as Enzymes, Mix, Buffer, etc.). This pipeline is only automatically operated on the same device with a volume of nearly 2 cubic meters, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of IVD manufacturers, reduce the cost of enterprise management and operation, increase the core competitiveness of enterprises, and speed up the industrialization process of the industry. And then promote the development of the entire industry!

The equipment has intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, accurate liquid separation, nothing without labeling, no standard automatic correction and label automatic detection function, to prevent leakage and label waste; At the same time, it has the function of positioning labels and automatic placement boxes, greatly improving production efficiency, and achieving a design capacity of 400-1300 PCS/H.

Product characteristics

Divide accuracy:Control by imported precision solenoid valve, with sample error range ± 5 %, using the compressed inert gas as the power medium.

Separation time: 500 UL, within 5 seconds; 1 ML, 10 seconds.
The device can be matched with commercially available label printers(carbon belt printing type, such as zebra Zebra 110Xi 4/ZM400/105sl, TSC, etc.), which can form an integrated machine and achieve real-time printing and labeling. The operation is extremely convenient.

The device can be customized according to customer requirements, such as equipped with a laser jet code printer, jet code location can choose tube body or tube cover. Or Tianjiagai cap or spin cover and other functions. Or use a computer full control system.

The adjustment of the machine is simple, and the injection,printing label,labelling,rotating covers, and pendulum speed can be adjusted without grading, and can be adjusted as needed.

The machine is made of stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy. The machine has a long service life and few pollution sources. It can meet the related environmental requirements of the biological industry.

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Instrument For Injection&Labelling Centrifuge Tube Labeller 1.5ml Centrifuge Tube Labeller
Labelling For Frozen Pipes 2ml Frozen Pipe Labeller
Injection&Labelling For Frozen Pipes 2ml Frozen Pipe Injection&Labelling

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