G25 column (special column for SPE)


The G-25 prepacked column is a desalting purification column with dextran as the gel filtration medium. The separated substances are separated according to the molecular weight through the molecular sieve of the dextran network structure in the prepacked column. During separation, the molecules larger than the pore size of the gel are blocked out of the gel phase, and migrate along the gap between the gel particles with a fast migration speed, and are eluted first. The medium-sized molecules partly enter the interior of the gel phase, and the elution speed is second; while the small molecular substances all enter the gel and receive a large resistance, so the end is eluted.e

Biomai Life Sciences G-25 prepacked column provides five specifications of products: 1, 3, 5, 6, and 12ml, of which 1ml and 5ml are in the form of medium-pressure chromatography prepacked columns, which can make full use of the medium-pressure liquid phase purification system. Advantages, rapid desalting and purification of biomacromolecules.


★Diverse specifications: 1/3/6/12mL is in the form of a syringe, 1/5ml is in the form of a medium-pressure chromatography column;
★High pressure resistance: medium pressure chromatography prepacked column can withstand pressure as high as 0.6 MPa (6 bar, 87 psi);
★Easy to use: Luer interface, can be used in series to increase sample loading, can also be connected to syringes and peristaltic pumps, and can also be directly connected to liquid phase purification systems such as ÄKTA, Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, etc.;
★Wide range of applications: purification of nucleic acids, antibodies, labeled proteins, protein desalting;

Sorbents Form Specification Pcs/pk Cat.No
G25 Cartridge 0.2ml/1ml 100 SPEG2510002
0.8ml/3ml 50 SPEG2530008
2ml/5ml(50pcs) 30 SPEG255002
3ml/5ml(30pcs) 30 SPEG255003
2ml/6ml 30 SPEG256002
3ml/6ml 30 SPEG256003
4ml/12ml 20 SPEG2512004
6ml/12ml 20 SPEG2512006
Sorbent 100g Bottle SPEG25100

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