Florisil SPE

B&M Florisil is the adsorbent florisil-mgo SiO2 of silicone bonded magnesium oxide, which is consists of three components: silicon dioxide (84%), magnesium oxide (15.5%)and sodium sulfate (0.5%). Similar to silica gel, the adsorbent is the adsorbent of strong polarity, high activity and weak alkalinity. The polar compounds can be extracted

from nonpolar solutions to adsorb low polarity and intermediate-polarity compounds from non-aqueous solutions. Florisil’s granule fillers can handle large bulk samples more quickly, so when the sample is more viscous, it can be used instead of the silica gel column.

In addition, in the use of alumina column, if the lewis acid of alumina has interference with the extract, it can replace alumina product with Florisil.

Soil;Water;Body fluids(plasma/urine etc.);Food;Oil
Typical Applications
An official method of pesticide extraction for AOAC and EPA in USA
Japanese JPMHLW official method “pesticide extraction in
Food”Polychlorinated biphenyls extraction in insulating oil
For the purification and separation of pesticide residues, the organic chlorine pesticides and hydrocarbons can be
separated Separation of nitrogen compounds and antibiotic substances
The necessary solid phase extraction column for the NY761 analysis method

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