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Product Parameter

Product Category: Tubes&plates for polymerase chain reaction


Holes volume:0.2ml PCR tubes,Flat cover,transparent0.2ml PCR 8 platoon tubes,transparent

Function:PCR tubes&plates for collection of target samples and PCR reaction

Purpose: Mainly used for nucleic acid polymerase chain reaction(PCR)

Specification:100ul 96 well PCR plates-no skirt edge, 100ul 96 well PCR plates-ABI, 200ul 96 well PCR plates-ABI, 200ul 96 well PCR plates-no skirt edge, 200ul 96 well PCR plates skirt edge, 100ul 96 well PCR plates-full skirt edge, 100ul 96 well PCR plates-Roche without skirt edge, 200ul 96 well PCR plates-Roche skirt edge

Packaging:Tubes 1000eabagplates 15ea/bag, 50ea/box

Packaging Material: Aluminum foil bag&Self-sealing bag(optional)

Box: Neutral Label Box or BM Life Science Box(optional)

Printing LOGO:OK

Mode of supply:OEM/ODM


Description of products

BM life science,PCR tubes&plates, using medical-grade polypropylene injection molding, and after a number of scientific research institutions evaluated, the quality is trustworthy; 100,000 clean workshop production, standardized production process, complete ERP management, product quality can be traced back; The company’s products are customized to customers, so that customers enjoy a higher quality one-stop service.

Product characteristics

★Strong adaptability: can fit the vast majority of filter plates on the market;

★Super pure: Imported medical-grade polypropylene injection molding, pure raw materials, no external pollutants;
★Super clean: 100,000 clean workshop production, the production process does not introduce exogenous pollutants;
★Sterile without enzyme and no heat source: according to the customer’s different needs, it can provide aseptic without enzyme without heat source products;
★High cost performance: the quality of imports, domestic prices, so that domestic customers enjoy high cost quality products;
★OEM/ODM: This product accepts customers, guest label printing and personalized customization.

Order Information

No   Name                     Describe          Specification       Pcs/pk       Cat.No

1 PCR tubes             Flat cover,transparent              0.2ml       1000ea/bag, 10bag/box PCR00101001

2 8 platoon PCR tubes              Transparent              0.2ml       125ea/bag, 10bag/box  PCR00101002

3 Lids for 8 platoonPCR tubes        Transparent                           125ea/bag, 10bag/box  PCR00101003

1 96 well PCR plates          Halfskirt edge, transparent      0.1ml       15ea/bag, 10bag/box   PCR00101001

2 96 well PCR plates-ABI          transparent                   0.2ml       15ea/bag, 10bag/box   PCR00101002

3 96 well PCR plates-ABI          transparent                   0.2ml       15ea/bag, 10bag/box   PCR00101003

4 96 well PCR plates-no skirt edge  transparent                   0.2ml       15ea/bag, 10bag/box   PCR00101004

5 96 well PCR plates-Halfskirt edge  transparent                    0.2ml       15ea/bag, 10bag/box   PCR00101005

6 96 well PCR plates-full skirt edge  transparent                    0.1ml       15ea/bag, 10bag/box   PCR00101006

7 96 well PCR plates-Roche without skirt edge                      0.1ml       15ea/bag, 10bag/box   PCR00101007

8 96 well PCR plates-Roche-Halfskirt edge                         0.2ml       15ea/bag, 10bag/box   PCR00101008

9 PCR plates Sealing series   RT-PCR hot sealing membrane     79.4 x 142.9mm     100ea/bag           PCR09602001

10 PCR plates Sealing series   RT-PCR pressure sensitive sealing membrane   78.6 x 139.7mm 100ea/bag      PCR09602002
More specifications or personalized customizations, welcome all new and old customers to inquire, discuss cooperation, seek common development!