Empty SPE Cartridges&Plates


Empty SPE Cartridges&Plates

Product Parameter

Product Category: Empty Cartridges&Plates for Solid Phase Extraction


Volume:1/2/3/6/12/60/300ml empty cartridges,6ml 24 filter plates,2ml 96 filter plates,80ul/400ul 384 filter plates

Function:Accompanied empty cartridges&plates are widely used in solid phase extraction of compounds, filtering, adsorption, separation, extraction, purification and collection of target samples

Purpose: Accompanied with various empty cartridges&24/96/384 filter plates are mainly used for samples pretreatment


Packaging:100ea/bag/1ml100ea/bag/2ml50ea/bag/3ml30ea/bag/6ml20ea/bag/12ml5ea/24 filter plates10ea/96 filter plates10ea/384 filter plates,One set of filters for each set

Packaging Material: Aluminum foil bag&Self-sealing bag(optional)

Box: Neutral Label Box or BM Life Science Box(optional)

Printing LOGO:OK

Mode of supply:OEM/ODM

Description of products

BM life science,Empty SPE Cartridges&Plates, using medical-grade polypropylene injection molding, and after a number of scientific research institutions evaluated, the quality is trustworthy; 100,000 clean workshop production, standardized production process, complete ERP management, product quality can be traced back; The company’s products are customized to customers, so that customers enjoy a higher quality one-stop service.


BM Life Science is committed to the development of innovative solutions for biological sample preprocessing. Provide innovative solutions and one-stop services for sample preprocessing in the life sciences and biomedical fields, including supporting instruments, reagents and consumables.
Various specifications frits/filters including hydrophilic/hydrophobic and supporting columns are available. Including a variety of ultra-pure SPE frits, functional filters, tip filters, water-enclosed closed filters, heterotype filters, syringe filters, sample vials and related supporting tools.


Product characteristics

★The groundbreaking 96 well filter plates and 384 well filter plates are the only products with independent intellectual property rights in China;

★Relying on the unique advantages of the digital injection molding industry in the Pearl River Delta, the integration and efficient use of resources has doubled the production capacity of empty SPE cartridges&plates, halved the injection cost of open molding, and greatly improved product quality;

The product is complete: 1/2/3/6/12/60/300ml with or without a line empty SPE cartridges&24/96/384 well filter plates;

The development and production capacity of hundreds of millions of frits and filters can minimize the production cost of SPE cartridges&plates;

Frits and filters production is completely autonomous, its diameter, thickness, aperture can be freely selected, arbitrary match

★Strong adaptability: can fit the vast majority of collection plates on the market;

★Super pure: Imported medical-grade polypropylene injection molding, pure raw materials, no external pollutants;
★Super clean: 100,000 clean workshop production, the production process does not introduce exogenous pollutants;
★The company pays attention to technological innovation and continuous improvement, especially Tip SPE, filters-free SPE, and 24/96/384 well SPE plates etc., filled the gap in the country and reached a world-class level, reflecting the unique advantages of BM Life Science in the SPE field;
★OEM/ODM: This product accepts customers, guest label printing and personalized customization.

Order Information

Cat.No          Name            Specification              Describe               Pcs/pk

BM0304001 Empty SPE Cartridges                  1mL      Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)  500pcs/pk

BM0304002 Empty SPE Cartridges                  3mL        Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    200pcs/pk

BM0304003 Empty SPE Cartridges                  6mL        Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    100pcs/pk

BM0304004 Empty SPE Cartridges                  10mL      Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    100pcs/pk

BM0304005 Empty SPE Cartridges                  12mL       Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    100pcs/pk

BM0304006 Empty SPE Cartridges                  20mL       Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    100pcs/pk

BM0304007 Empty SPE Cartridges                  30mL       Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    50pcs/pk

BM0304008 Empty SPE Cartridges                  60mL       Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    50pcs/pk

BM0304009 Empty SPE Cartridges                  300mL      Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    10pcs/pk

BM0304010    String Columns For SPE                 1m         Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    100pcs/pk

BM0304011    String Columns For SPE                 2ml         Cartridge*1,Filters*2,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)    100pcs/pk

BM0306001 96 Well Filter/Extraction Plates         1.5ml       Plate*1,Filters*192,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)   10pcs/pk

BM0306002 96 Well Filter/Extraction Plates         2ml         Plate*1,Filters*192,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)   10pcs/pk

BM0306003 384 Well Filter/Extraction Plates         80ul         Plate*1,Filters*768,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)   10pcs/pk

BM0306004 384 Well Filter/Extraction Plates         400ul        Plate*1,Filters*768,Hydrophobic,PS20um(Optional)   10pcs/pk

Customization                                   Personalized customization
More specifications or personalized customizations, welcome all new and old customers to inquire, discuss cooperation, seek common development!