Dedicated column for immunoaffinity detection of T2 toxin

Detection principle:

B&M® The purification principle of T2 toxin detection special column is the immune response between antigen antibody. Contain detect T2 toxin monoclonal antibody was fixed to the column of solid phase support, samples containing T2 toxin extract special column by T2 toxin detection, can combine with antibodies, form the antigen-antibody complexes, after water washed out to go unless the target material. Finally, eluting with eluent, collect eluting fluid, use HPLC to detect the content of T2 toxin.

order details

Filling type form specifications Packaging (/ bag) Art.No.(article number)
Special column for total aflatoxin testing pillar 1mL 25 AFT-IACT101
Special column for total aflatoxin testing 3mL 20 AFT-IACT103
Special column for aflatoxin B1 detection 1mL 25 AFT-IACB101
Special column for aflatoxin B1 detection 3mL 20 AFT-IACB103
Special column for aflatoxin M1 detection 1mL 25 AFT-IACM101
Special column for aflatoxin M1 detection 3mL 20 AFT-IACM103

order details

Sorbents Form Specification Pcs/pk Cat.No
T2 toxins detection Cartridge Cartridge



1mL 25 T2-IAC0001
T2 toxins detection Cartridge 3mL 20 T2-IAC0003