Cotton Frits&Filters

Product Parameter

Product Category: Frits/Filters( Hydrophilic&Hydrophobic)

Material:Cotton,Call for additional materials

Filters parameter:Diameter or side length0.35 mm, 0.1 mmthickness100mm,0.22umPore Size100umOptional

Function: Various types of Cartridges&Filtering plates with various kinds of frits/filters/membranes, widely used in biological sample pretreatment, target sample filtration, adsorption, separation, extraction, purification and concentration

Performance: Hydrophilic or hydrophobic

Packaging:1000ea /bag, 10000ea/box

Packaging Material: Aluminum foil bag&Self-sealing bag(optional)

Box: Neutral Label Box or BM Life Science Box(optional)

Printing LOGO:OK

Mode of supply:OEM/ODM


Description of products

BM life science provides a full specification of various Frits/Filters/Membranes(UHMWPE/PP/PTFE/Cotton, etc.. Hydrophil/hydrophobic), all sizes are individually customized by customers, This series of products are widely used in biological sample preprocessing!


Product characteristics

★Flexible in size:Diameter or side length0.35 mm, 0.1 mmthickness100mm,Range is optional and can be customized;

★Aperture customizable:0.22umPore Size100um,Range is optional and can be customized;

★Various properties: hydrophilic/hydrophobic, acid/alkali resistant;

★Unique process: ultra-pure, deribonuclease and other processes optional;

★Good product consistency: unique production processes, strict quality control can ensure the size consistency between batches;

★Widespread application: widely used for filtering, separation, extraction, purification and concentration of target samples.

★OEM/ODM: This product accepts customers, guest label printing and personalized customization.


Cat.No           Type         Describe/Use               Specification         Pcs/pk

Diameter  Thickness Pore Size

CTF0**-**-** Hydrophil/hydrophobic  filtering, extraction, purification    **mm **mm **um     1000

Customization                                                   Personalized customization


More specifications or personalized customizations, welcome all new and old customers to inquire, discuss cooperation, seek common development!