C8 (octyl SPE column)

Sorbent Information

Matrix:Silica Functional Group:Octyl echanism of Action:Reversed-phase(RP) extractionCarbon Content:9% Particle Size:40-75μm Surface Area :280m2/g Average Pore Size:60Å


Soil;Water;Body fluids(plasma/urine etc.);food

Typical Applications

Drugs and metabolites are extracted from plasma/urine samples Peptides in plasma Both fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins were extracted from human blood Molecular formula of C8  :

Sorbents Form Specification Pcs/pk Cat.No
C8 Cartridge 100mg/1ml 100 SPEC181100
200mg/3ml 50 SPEC183200
500mg/3ml 50 SPEC183500
500mg/6ml 30 SPEC186500
1g/6ml 30 SPEC1861000
1g/12ml 20 SPEC18121000
2g/12ml 20 SPEC18122000
Plates 96×50mg 96-well SPEC189650
96×100mg 96-well SPEC1896100
384×10mg 384-well SPEC1838410
Sorbent 100g Bottle SPEC18100

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