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C18Q (hydrophilic) is a fully covered bonded silica gel reversed phase C18 column with excellent stability. It can use pure water as the mobile phase, and can separate acidic, neutral and basic organic compounds, as well as many drugs and peptides.

Similar to capped C18, it is often used to purify, extract and concentrate pollutants in environmental water samples, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticide residues in food and beverage, and drugs and metabolites in biological fluids. It can also be used to desalinate aqueous solutions prior to ion exchange. In biological applications such as peptides, DNA extraction performance is superior to classical C18.
The column is equivalent to Aglient Accu Bond C18, Bond Elute C18 OH.

Packing information

Matrix: silica gel
Functional group: carbooctadecyl
Mechanism of action: reverse phase extraction
Carbon content: 17%
Size: 40-75 microns
Surface area: 300m2/g
Average aperture: 60
Application: soil; Water; Body fluids (plasma/urine, etc.); Food; drug Typical applications: lipid separation, ganglioside separation
PMHW (Japan) and CDFA (USA) official methods: Pesticides in Food

Natural products

AOAC method: Analysis of pigments and sugars in food, drugs and their metabolites in blood, plasma and urine,Desalting of protein, DNA macromolecule samples, enrichment of organic matter in environmental water samples, extraction of organic acid in beverages
Specific examples are: antibiotics, barbiturates, phthalazines, caffeine, drugs, dyes, aromatic oils, fat-soluble vitamins,fungicides, weeding agents, pesticides, carbohydrates,Hydroxytoluene ester, phenol, phthalate ester, steroids, surfactants, theophylline and other extraction purification.

Sorbent Information

Matrix:Silica Functional Group:Octadecyl Carbon Content:17% Mechanism of Action:Reversed-phase(RP) extraction Particle Size:45-75μm Surface Area :300m2/g Average Pore Size:60Å


Soil;Water; Body Fluids(plasma/urine etc.);Food;Medicine

Typical Applications

Separation of lipids and lipids Official methods of Japan’s JPMHW and us CDFA:pesticides in food Natural products The AOAC method:food, sugar,pigment in the blood,plasma,drug and its metabolites in urine protein, DNA samples of macromolecular desalination, the organic matter enrichment in environmental water samples, drinks containing organic acid extraction. Specific example:antibiotics,barbiturates, phthalazine,caffeine,drugs,dyes, aromatic oils, fat-soluble vitamins,fungicides,weeding agents,pesticides,carbohydrates,The extraction and purification of hydroxytoluene,phenol,phthalate,steroid,surfactant and theophylline

Sorbents Form Specification Pcs/pk Cat.No
C18Q Cartridge 100mg/1ml 100 SPEC18Q1100
200mg/3ml 50 SPEC18Q3200
500mg/3ml 50 SPEC18Q3500
500mg/6ml 30 SPEC18Q6500
1g/6ml 30 SPEC18Q61000
1g/12ml 20 SPEC18Q121000
2g/12ml 20 SPEC18Q122000
Plates 96×50mg 96-well SPEC18Q9650
96×100mg 96-well SPEC18Q96100
384×10mg 384-well SPEC18Q38410
Sorbent 100g Bottle SPEC18Q100

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