2017 China New Design Ida-Nickel Protein Purification - Kit Products – BM Life Science

BM Life science as the innovator of the whole solution of sample preprocessing and detection!

We provide as many products as possible related to sample preprocessing and testing, including the following:


RNA Extraction and Purification Kits

Trizol total RNA extraction

MicroRNA extraction

DNA Extraction Kits

Plasmid Extraction (Small/Medium/Large Extraction)

Genomic DNA Extraction(Blood/Tissue/Cell/Bacterial/Plant/Yeast/Other genomes)

DNA Purification Kits

Agarose gel purification and recovery kits

PCR product purification and recovery kits

Multi-functional DNA purification and recovery kits

Detection Kits

Food Safety-Test kits

Animal Disease-Test kits

Genetically Modified-Test kits


More specifications or personalized customizations, welcome all new and old customers to inquire, discuss cooperation, seek common development!